Clear As Mud

The day we interviewed our kids… uncut

Today, me and Chaim are celebrating our 14th anniversary! We are all living through some crazy times (that needs a post of its own), and as we are all social distancing together and are cooped up at home, I thought it would be fun to include the whole family in an interactive post. 

Chaim and I interviewed our kids (mostly about us) and here is what they said, all answers are unfiltered and unedited. 

Enjoy 😊

We were able to talk to Shosh and ask her a few of the questions as well!

Question: Chaya, how do you know that Mommy and Aba love each other very much?

Answer: Because like, you always, show it, like, when you’re like upset or something, and mommy still loves you, even when she asks you to calm down and you don’t. 

Question: What thing is most fun about mommy and what’s most fun about Aba?

AnswerMenny, Funnest about mommy, is buying us stuff and supporting us and Aba plays basketball, football and catch, sometimes. 

Shoshana, for mom dancing and for Aba his laugh

Question: What is something you love that mommy and Aba do together?

Answer: Zeesy: They play with me. 

 Shoshana, Argue 😉

Question: Chana Laya, who do you like giving you a buddy (Yiddish for bath) Aba or Mommy?

Answer: Aba. (which is ridiculous, as she only lets me bathe her, go figure

Question: Menny, what does love mean to you?

Answer: it means happiness and joyful

 Question: What do you wish Mommy and Aba on their 14th wedding anniversary?

Zeesy: They should have a good new year with us. 

Chaya: They should be able to express themselves more than ever and recognize how amazing each other are. 

Menny: love gratefulness and appreciating. 

Shoshana: health and wealth and the romance shouldn’t die

Question: What’s something you wished Mommy and Aba did better?

AnswerChaya, Like, don’t jump to conclusions, one of you may get mad at the other and it’s just a misunderstanding. Sometimes they are just trying to help but you don’t realize it. 

Shoshana: for mom to be easier on herself, and for Aba to be less catastrophizing.

Question: Is there a lesson you learned from Mommy and Aba that you’ll always take with you through life?

Answer: Chaya, Always be positive no matter the situation, when there’s a problem, always see the positive, Tracht Gut Vet Zain gut (think good and it will be good) attitude.

Shoshana: from mom how to be empathetic and how to cook gluten free kugel, and from Aba the beauties of Judaism.

 Question: Zeesy, what is something special we do together as a family?

Answer: Being together for dinner and saying what we are grateful for. 

Question: Kiddos, what’s your favorite thing on Mommy and Aba’s wedding video?

Zeesy: Mommy and Aba and a lot of people eating. 

Chaya: Seeing Bracha, my aunt, as such a little girl, and all the yummy food. 

Menny: Seeing the men dancing, singing and seeing all the different cousins. 

Question: Mommy and Aba got married in San Antonio, what do you love most about San Antonio?

Menny: seeing our cousins. 

Chaya: seeing Bubby and Zaidy and all the family…

Zeesy: Seeing our cousins and Bubby and Zaidy and our aunts. 

Question: What was your best family trip?

Menny: New York!

Chaya: Each are very unique in different ways. It depends on what you’re talking about…which was most adventurous, which was most family time, which was most interesting…it depends. 

Zeesy: The trip we are on right now. 

Question: Shoshana, your oldest sibling is 15, but mommy and Aba are only married 14 years, how’s that possible?

Menny: That’s too hard for me. 

Chaya? That’s a dumb question, because Shoshana was adopted at age 12 which means that she was born before Mommy and Aba got married and so it all makes sense. Duh, I don’t get why that’s a question. 

Question: When mommy and Aba argue, how does that make you feel?

Chaya: I get mixed feelings. Because I know that it will probably be sorted out but also it makes me annoyed when you’re arguing when you have so much. 

Zeesy: upset. 

Menny: sad and upset and sometimes even mixed up feelings and kind of forgetful. 

Question: How does mommy behave in the morning? 

Chaya: It depends on the day. Grumpy kinda. 

Menny: sometimes happy, sometimes sad and sometimes mad.

Zeesy: ok. 

Shoshana: grumpy 

Question: How’s Aba when things don’t go his way?

Menny: not so good. 

Zeesy: upset. 

Chaya: Upset, but when mommy talks to him, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but when it does, he realizes and changes. 

Shoshana: defiant 

Question: How does it make you feel that Mommy and Aba adopted you?

Chaya: Lucky and then mixed up but I’m not sure why. 

Menny: Good. 

Zeesy: Happy. 

Shoshana:  grateful

Question: What’s the best dish that Mommy cooks and the best one Aba makes?

Menny: Aba – stir fry, Mommy – sushi bowls. 

Chaya: Mommy – meatballs and spaghetti, Aba – fried Schnitzel. 

Zeesy: Soup and hot dogs.

 Question: When you think of mommy and Aba what word comes to mind:

Chaya: Mommy – supercalifrotgastrdoicous (supportive). Aba – Sushi

Menny: Mommy –Beautiful. Aba – fun. 

Zeesy: Mommy – hug and love, Aba – books. 

Shoshana: Mom – tulips, Aba – sushi 

There you have it, from the mouth of babes  ✌️


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