Clear As Mud

Kids in the kitchen

We all know that the best learning method for kids is when it’s hands on, with actual experiences of getting down and dirty. For me, that’s always easier said than done. It is very hard for me to let go, embrace the mess and let the kids “help” me :).

Over the years, I have really worked on myself to be less rigid; enjoying the beautiful learning, and bonding, moments that occur when you let them into the kitchen. I still think it’s ok to say “no thank you” at times, as we all need personal space on occasion…. there is a time and place for everything! But I try to make a habit of asking myself why do I want to say no? Is it because I’m just lazy and it’s easier doing it myself or is it simply that I can’t handle the craziness in the kitchen at this very moment? 

Seeing their delight in their cooking/baking accomplishments, is something else. They are so proud of their successes and they enjoy the mom attention so much, that it really makes the mess and hours of cleanup worth it.  To see their smiley face as they take a bite of the muffin or Challah they just baked, is priceless. 

I always try to set up the space for maximum success, by placing a proper stool near the counter so they can reach and having the ingredients that we need, already out of the pantry, to minimize the running around :). I also really love this safe wavy chopping knife.

Most importantly, it’s all about our mindset: expect the chaos and try to have fun with your little humans!


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