Clear As Mud

Tanya With Chavie

What is Clearing the Mud? 

Clearing the Mud is where you will find my educational content. I’m really passionate about fusing the raw, messy human experience with the age old teachings of the Torah. Lots of what you see from me is about the human experience. However, I also teach what our ancestors have been relying on to get through the human experience called the Torah.

We are all born imperfect, this is inherent to the human condition. The novelty is how we repair.
By normalizing struggle, we can accelerate the process of healing.

The Art of Healing

Igeres Hateshuva teaches that return and connection can happen anytime, anywhere. When we parent, the most powerful tool we have is the repair, the return to our child. The flaws are there. The question is, how do we reconnect after things go awry? It is the same dynamic with Hashem. The cultural zeitgeist is saturated with a desire for collective and societal responsibility. I wonder, if we introduce the same accountability for individual growth and healing, what the impact would be on bigger societal dilemmas?

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Noah has cooked in a variety of kitchens and has studied many different cuisines, but his favorite meals to prepare are the ones that make his guests smile. Be it Thai, Italian, Caribbean or Latin, there is always a fun surprise waiting for you at meal time. Noah welcomes special requests and guests in his kitchen! Just stop by and say hi.

Yocheved Sidof is a social entrepreneur, psycho-mystical depth work facilitator, writer, educator, speaker, and activist. After a decade as a filmmaker and photographer, she founded Lamplighters Yeshivah, a grassroots, internationally acclaimed, progressive Chassidic Montessori school. Yocheved builds communities with healing at the center. Most recently, she founded Ohm’ek, an intentional collective focusing on meditation, embodied mysticism, and micro-retreats.

A lifelong learner, she’s completed extensive training in adaptive leadership, therapeutic coaching, and systemic change. She is currently in a two-year intensive training with Thomas Hubl, studying psycho-somatic-mystical models of healing personal, collective, and ancestral trauma. She also writes, consults, works 1:1 with clients, facilitates group transformational work, and regularly teaches Jewish spiritual studies.

Yocheved sits on boards supporting innovations in mental health awareness and self-transformation. She has studied Jewish mysticism and meditation extensively, including with Rav Katz since 2018, completing Elevation Teacher Training and sitting on his advisory board for over a year.

Yocheved, her husband, and five children live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Come say “Hi!” if you’re in the neighborhood.