Clear As Mud


Informative. Refreshing. Honest. 

Having personally experienced many of life’s challenges over the past fifteen years, Chavie’s committed to helping those seeking guidance and perspective. 

Whether you’re on the infertility/adoption bandwagon or raising a child with special mental/emotional/physical needs, whether you’re sending your child to a wilderness program or treatment center or just looking to find balance in a chaotic family life, I am here to help. 

I pride myself on being blunt yet personable, willing to listen to my clients while providing expert, up-to-date advice and being available after our sessions as well. In my consultations, I am able convey complex ideas, raw feelings, healthy perspective and wise advice, particularly regarding the challenges of raising children with unique journeys. 

I only work with a limited number of clients to insure you are provided the individualized attention necessary to wade the stormy waters of life.


Schedule a Consultation

Consultations are hosted remotely via Zoom. The cost is $185 per 1 hour session.