Clear As Mud

Healthy Pantry Picks + Smoothie Staples

So, here’s the thing: I love discovering healthy yummy snacks and food items in general! It’s a serious passion of mine, much to my husband’s dismay 😉

Trying to eat healthy and feed my kids nutritional food has come natural to me. Yet, the food world can be overwhelming, with so many opinions and ideas being thrown at us. Yes, ideally, I would love for our family to be eating a whole food plant-based diet, with a small amount of organic grass-fed protein thrown into the mix. In addition, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stick to minimally processed items!? But it’s not always so practical, so I do the best I can! I love to incorporate nutrients anywhere that’s possible (smoothies are an awesome way to do that) and I aim to bring healthier snack options to our family. 

So, I want to help you guys out, and make bringing some heathy options into your home more attainable.

I’m going to include 3 links (one for Amazon and one for Thrive Market, and one to my favorite place to by smoothie powders) of my handpicked lists of favorite healthy food items and some of my smoothie staples. There is some overlap on the lists, I know that not everyone wants to use Thrive Market and I wanted this to be useful for everyone! There are some items only available on Thrive and some only on Amazon, so check them both out! (this is my favorite place to get my protein powder, superfood powder and shroom mix they are awesome!

I’m also going to leave you with an awesome nutrient dense flexible smoothie recipe that kids love!  

Outrageous chocolate smoothie 

  • Milk of your choice (I use plant based)
  • A couple scoops of Amazing Grass chocolate super food powder (included in my favorites list)
  • Banana 
  • Frozen berries
  • Ice 

What’s amazing about this recipe is that its super flexible! Add any fruit or veggie you enjoy, adjust amounts to accommodate how many mouths you’re feeding, and you’re good to go. You can’t go wrong! 

My kids are pretty picky about their smoothies and always detect when I try to sneak greens in. That’s why I love this powder, it has so many great things in it (so I don’t have to add greens) and the kids love it. In their words it tastes like a milkshake. Now, I call that a win!