Clear As Mud

help I’m bored….

So we have been going at this home life thing for a few weeks now. I don’t know about you but we are getting a little stir crazy… For A lot of us we are going to be celebrating the holiday of Passover next week. Having a new toy on hand to change things up can really be a lifesaver!

I put together a list of some toys, games and puzzles (there are not many books on the list as I am hoping to do a separate book list one of these days) that I really like. I think there is something for everybody on this list. Most of the things on the list are Holiday friendly. There are a few that aren’t, but being that kids aren’t going back to school anytime soon I included them as I’m sure they will always come in handy.

I like to keep a bunch of stuff in my closet that the kids don’t know I have, and pull them out when its most needed! I find having things on hand has saved me more times then I can count.

  1. Gravitax- innovative marble run, super cool they have a lot of different sets that you can add and build a collection. This is a great beginner set. Great for boys and girls, recommend age 8 & up

2. Grimms – oh this company speaks to my soul. The most beautiful wooden toys ever! they have so many different options, it’s a whole world. This was the first set I started with and its so versatile and a great start to a collection I know your going to want to build. Amazing for all ages! Please check out what other Grimm options are available.

3. Quaggle- super fun, its like reverse Jenga with crazy shapes. Great family game ages 5 & up.

4. Slapzi- I am really not a game person, like really not, I don’t find any pleasure in them at all 😳 But even I had fun playing this!

5. Squigz- These are a fun suction construction πŸ˜‰ great for toddlers and even older kids get into it. Eight different versatile shapes, pieces connect easily and POP apart. great bath toy as well!

6. This is cool, family puzzle with different size puzzle shapes! all ages are able to participate and create a puzzle together! pretty genius if you ask me πŸ‘

7. If you have some kids who don’t really play or who have ADHD like in my family πŸ˜‰ this is a great fidget toy and puzzle in one. Once you get it in to a crazy shape you have to figure out how to get it back into a square. Really popular with kids around 10 & up

8. Axe Throwing- So I have a really active boy who loves to throw things… these are velcro so they wont damage anything and you can do it indoors. I can’t wait to try these.

9. Dimpl Digits- Audio, visual and kinesthetic learning all in one. perfect toddler experience πŸ˜‰ (not for holiday)

10. Paper airplane – I love usborne! they have great books and activity books, I linked a few here but I could go on forever so please check out all the options, there are so many! I feel like this would keep my kids busy for awhile

11. All about feelings- who couldn’t use this right now πŸ˜‰ so important to be able to help facilitate our children identify with feelings and emotions they might be having

12. Science for beginners- If you have kids that love information, this is the set for you

13. lift the flap adding and subtracting- this is cool especially now when we are doing school from home (notice I didn’t say homeschooling) makes learning math somewhat fun. They also have ones for multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, so check it out!

14. Embroidery kit- this is a great for a rainy day, never hurts having it around (I just hope my kids don’t as me for help because I won’t be of any use 😏

15. Paint by sticker- my kids loved this, just took it with us on our recent trip, extra bonus doesn’t make a mess!

16. My family builders- I love these! covers all skills! social emotional, cognitive, language and physical. Great for a large age range. Comes with activity cards inside for added challenge and fun.

17. Shopkins- oldie but goodie πŸ™‚ these keep one of my daughters busy for hours.

18. Crocodile creek puzzle- this one is for ages 2 & up, by far my favorite puzzle company! check out tons of choices.

19. Crocodile creek puzzle- ages 5 & up. again love these, they have so may different options. I have a whole collection

20. Pegs- Just such a classic, I’m sure so many of us remember playing with these.

21. Gravity Maze by Think fun- I had to add this, different then the gravitax I posted, but so cool and makes you use your brain.


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Yocheved Sidof is a social entrepreneur, psycho-mystical depth work facilitator, writer, educator, speaker, and activist. After a decade as a filmmaker and photographer, she founded Lamplighters Yeshivah, a grassroots, internationally acclaimed, progressive Chassidic Montessori school. Yocheved builds communities with healing at the center. Most recently, she founded Ohm’ek, an intentional collective focusing on meditation, embodied mysticism, and micro-retreats.

A lifelong learner, she’s completed extensive training in adaptive leadership, therapeutic coaching, and systemic change. She is currently in a two-year intensive training with Thomas Hubl, studying psycho-somatic-mystical models of healing personal, collective, and ancestral trauma. She also writes, consults, works 1:1 with clients, facilitates group transformational work, and regularly teaches Jewish spiritual studies.

Yocheved sits on boards supporting innovations in mental health awareness and self-transformation. She has studied Jewish mysticism and meditation extensively, including with Rav Katz since 2018, completing Elevation Teacher Training and sitting on his advisory board for over a year.

Yocheved, her husband, and five children live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Come say β€œHi!” if you’re in the neighborhood.